Frequent fliers Airlines lets you reach Hawaii in 9 h 14 min when you depart from Chicago. The flight covers approximately 4234 miles to travel from Chicago to Hawaii. Reach the most fascinating place for ocean lovers.


This contains many marvelous oceans with different sands with fantastic beauty, adventurous activities to gain unique memory, and green-sand, golden-sand, black-sand shoreline oceans to capture photographs, classy accommodation, and many more attractions.


Different airlines have different cabins for their passengers like the economy, business, & first-class. Discover first-class flight cabins if you want to travel with all exclusive amenities for best memories.


You can departure from one of the major Airports of Chicago like Chicago O’Hare International, Chicago Rockford to reach Hawaii. Try to choose morning time to book flights; you can get more opportunities to get up 13 percent discounts.

Here, you can go with the list of airfares lowest range of First-class flights from Chicago to Hawaii

  • One Way First-class flights:  From Chicago to Hawaii at minimum price $825
  • Round trip connecting First-class flights:  From Chicago to Hawaii at $1508
  • Round trip non-connecting First-class flights: Reach Hawaii  from Chicago at 1643$

Airlines that fly First-class flights from Chicago to Hawaii

Airlines One-way trip Round-trip
United Airlines 825$ 1643$-2400$
Alaska Airlines 815$ 1512$-2500$
Delta Airlines(2 stop) 650$ 2115$-2600$

Cheapest Month to Fly from Chicago to Hawaii

In Honolulu, February is noted to be the coldest & August is the warmest month with a high range of temperature. However, visitors love visiting Hawaii throughout the whole year.  As per the analysis, during January & February contains awesome weather and cheapest low-price deals.

Best Time to Visit Hawaii from Chicago

Make the wise decision to save more dollars, discover the tickets in advance and low-season months i.e. mid-April to June & from the first week of September to mid-December. During this time you can get bearable weather and pocket-friendly tickets to enjoy the beach side.

Route Information

  • The most famous airport named Chicago O’Hare International is 4234 miles from Honolulu Intl Airport
  • Minimum of 2 flights departure from Chicago to Honolulu Airport. However, Airlines is committed to adding more flights in this route.

In-Flight Information

  • The in-flight time duration to fly Hawaii from Chicago city is 7 h 14 mins
  • Many connecting flights depart around 11:30 MDT.

Top-Attractions of Hawaii


Punaluu Black Sand:

It is only spotted in Hawaii where grass-covered provide a way to volcanic, tourists can view the whit & black sand. In this,volcanic activities constantly occur. Must visit this place!

Waimanalo Beach:

It is one of the awesome beaches across the US, Breathtaking view, white sand; consist of green-mountain side, best for snorkeling.

Kaihalulu Bay: 

Visit this Red Sand Beach if you are fond of snorkeling for an outstanding experience. You can wear any type of outfit there.

Kahaluu Beach Park:

It is a must-see golden sand beach, tourists love this spot to perform adventurous things. Great place for, family picnic, and children! The place comprises of benches, food stalls and other small beautiful areas to capture long-lasting memories.

Papakolea Beach:

This Beach is also known as Green Sand Beach) is an excellent place for tourists who love swimming & adventurous activities. However, swimmers must have the capacity to manage across strong waves.

Diamond Head:

Never forget to visit a volcanic cone present on Hawaii Island. It is the most recognized state park of 726 feet, delivers awesome views of Pacific ocean & Honolulu. Tourist visits this spot to hike to the volcano edge.

Poipu Beach:

Superb place for family picnics with the well-organized areas furnished with benches, food stall, bathroom facilities, Shower and more. This pace contains a peaceful environment with a calm wind blowing. It is an ideal place for swimmers to get enticing experience

Makena State park:

It is known for its beautiful white-sand oceans. This park is regarded as one of the best spots for body boarding, surfing and sunbathing. The views of the Haleakala Mountains appear.

Hookipa Beach

It is one of the first-class places with a ravishing view with windswept sand, white-colored sand gleaming under water, one side surrounded by green palm trees with a fabulous appearance.

Lanikai Beach:

This beach is recognized for serving up with marvelous sunrise view. You can discover white-colored sand and a lot of green palm trees there, lush tropical trees & plants with sunshine give an awesome scene.