From Hawaii to Albuquerque, mostly flights take 6 hours 56 minutes and covers across the 3,146 miles. First-class flights worth it to make your travel more amazing where you can enjoy all exclusive in-flight services.  Albuquerque is one of the most visited holiday destinations where tourists love to come with their loved ones and catch all remarkable memories for a life-time.

Get the Best Deals on All First-Class Flights from Hawaii to Albuquerque

Get all amazing deals and heavy discounts on all flight tickets from Hawaii to Albuquerque. To know about all offers, you need to fill all the information regarding your travel. With search engine optimization, you get an update about all offers in your selected travel destination. Here, you can go through all the related information about flight tickets from Hawaii to Albuquerque.

  • One way trip from Hawaii to Albuquerque- 100$-200$
  • Round trip from Hawaii to Albuquerque- 250$-550$
  • Last-minute flight ticket from Hawaii to Albuquerque- 450$-1100$

Top Most Airlines from Hawaii to Albuquerque

Alaska Airlines and Delta airlines are major airlines. They operate most of the flights from Hawaii to Albuquerque. American Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Virgin Airlines, and JetBlue airlines are the best airlines to fly from Hawaii to Albuquerque.

Airlines One-way trip Round-trip
Hawaiian Airlines 100$-151$ 250$-384$
Alaska Airlines 95$-100$ 300$-450$
Delta Airlines 101$- 190$ 321$-500$
JetBlue Airlines 99$- 170$ 275$-390$
Virgin Airlines 100$-200$ 250$-430$


In-flight information

Alaska and Delta are major airlines that offer First class flight to fly from Hawaii to Albuquerque. With the first-class cabin, you get all exclusive services while traveling. First-class cabins offer personal space with reclines seats to make you more reliable.

Arrival information

Albuquerque International flight is the main hub where all flights to Albuquerque arrived. To explore the whole city, you can book your personal cab or go with public transport as you want.

What is the best time to book first-class flights from Hawaii to Albuquerque?

January is the best month to crack amazing deals on all flights from Hawaii to Albuquerque. To get the best on all flight tickets from Hawaii to Albuquerque, make sure you book your ticket 121 days before your departure date. The first-class flight is a bit expensive than all other cabins but it gives you all luxurious in-flight services.

What is The Best Month to Visit Albuquerque?

September is considered to be the best month to visit Albuquerque. During this month, you find pleasant weather and enjoy all cultural activities

Top-Most Attractions in Albuquerque

Albuquerque is the largest in Mexico which is located in the right-center of Mexico along with the muddy Rio Grande. In this beautiful town, you can explore all the historic part of this city with all the famous cultural attractions. Here you can go through with top-most attractions which become the most favorable places for all visitors.

  • Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta: Albuquerque’s high desert environment is the place in the world for an amazing view of hot air balloons. In the month of October, people come from all around the world to view fair of hundreds of balloons. This place is famous for the International Balloon Fiesta where you can amaze sky view which is full of hot air balloons. In the evening, balloons glow at the height, where you can view the elegant bright scenery.    
  • Albuquerque Museum of art and history: At this Museum, you can view all spectacular collection of iconic cultural items that were placed from the past 400 years.
  • Old town: Old town is the place which was shape by Mexican as well as Spanish culture. This attraction is considered to be a tourist-friendly space where they find the world’s best art galleries, restaurants, Cafes, museums, and souvenir shops. Here you can visit the largest old Catholic church which is named as “San Felipe de Neri Church”
  • ABQ Bio Park: ABQ BioPark is the place where you can explore endangered species and aquarium world. This place is perfect for children to visit; here you can view all unique species of sea animals.
  • Unser Racing Museum: Use Racing Museum offers a huge range of amazing motor vehicles which was the collection of last centuries. Here visitors get racing simulator which allows experiencing this amazing motor technology.
  • Rio Grande Nature Centre State Park: This natural place is located at the east bank of the Rio Grande. At this education center, where you explore history, geology, and ecology of the famous Rio Grande valley. Most of the visitors love to come there to experience the adventure stemming.
  • New Mexico museum of natural history and science: This museum is nearer to the Old town place where you can several unique things such as dinosaur skeletons, Naturalist center, and Dinosaur models. Here visitors enjoy events that are epically playing for kids adults and families to get to know more about this beautiful place.
  • Science Centre and children’s Museum: Science center and children’s museum is a place which is full of discovery. They offer many events and camps to provide all knowledge about advanced science and a collaborative environment.